Nebraska’s Social Security Disability Lawyers: Lapin Law Offices

By: Jeffrey Lapin of Lapin Law Offices

Soc. Sec. Disability

Are you disabled but the Social Security Administration (SSA) has denied your claim for Social Security Disability benefits?

There are two basic types of Social Security Disability benefits: 

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)  
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Both of these types of disability benefits use the same definition of “disability,” which is basically that a person suffers from:

physical or mental impairment(s) of such severity that they are not only unable to do their previous work but cannot, considering their age, education, and work experience, engage in any other type of substantial gainful work existing in the national economy.

In Nebraska, the SSA initially denies a large percentage of initial applications for SSDI or SSI benefits.

The Social Security Administration has an appeal process, with time limits, that you must follow if your claim is denied. If you fail to follow SSA’s appeals process you will be required to file a new application and start the process over again. It can take 2 or more years to get disability benefits depending on when the SSA decides that you are disabled. If you have to file a new application the time it takes to get approved is that much longer and you can also lose out on “back benefits,” which are benefits from the day you actually became disabled and the day the SSA makes the determination that you are entitled to disability benefits.

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Lapin Law Offices represents disabled clients seeking Social Security Disability Benefits (both SSDI and SSI) in Lincoln and throughout Nebraska. If you have questions about filing a SSA Disability Initial Application or if your initial claim has been denied, give us a call at 402-421-8033, submit your case or question to us online through our website Contact Us Form or chat with us using our Live Chat application. We offer a free consultation and, if we represent you, we only collect a fee if we are able to get you Social Security Disability benefits.