Kendall Jenner Slammed For Instagramming While Driving

The second-youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner brood is getting serious flack for a video she posted on social media earlier this week. A recent video posted to Kendall Jenner’s Instagram depicted Ms. Jenner and fellow model, Ashley Skye, rocking out to Avril Lavigne’s “sk8er boi” in the car, Fox News reports. In the video — which has since been taken…


Celebrity driving "uber" dangerously


Kendall Jenner posted an Instagram video that showed her and friend getting down to Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er boy” while cruising through heavy traffic in L.A. Her tweet about the video said, "being uber girly." 


Maybe it should have read, "being uber dangerous." 


The Instagram video has been removed, presumably by Kenner. However, it is available other places. 


This is yet another example why we should not look to celebrities as role models, especially "reality stars." 


Source: Jordyn Taylor via BetaBeat

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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Agreed to via Terms of Service

We know you didn’t read the terms of service. Here are the most interesting parts you missed.


10 things you did not know you agreed to via Terms of Service on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. 



1. Facebook has permission to use your photos and videos for whatever it wants. 

2. You can’t use Facebook if you’re a convicted sex offender. 

3. You’re required to keep your contact information up to date. 


4. How you explore Twitter, and how you got there 

5. You’re not allowed to squat on a username. 


6. You’re not allowed to post sexually suggestive content. 

7. You’re not supposed to send ideas to Instagram, but if the company actually reads them and likes them, it’ll use them. 


8. You can’t add anyone you don’t actually know. 

9. Your profile can’t promote escort or prostitution services — even if they’re legal where you live. 

10. You’re not allowed to lie. 


Some of these seem like common sense but, unless you actually read the TOS, which you should but probably have not, you do not know what you have agreed to when using these sites. These types of things are not just limited to these sites.


Any other "odd" things you know of? 


My advice: Read the Terms of Service of any site you use. 


Post by Sylvan Lane via Mashable

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Morphed Image: Protected or Porn?

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a conviction based on “morphing” an image to include a minor’s face as depicting child pornography. The appeals court rejected the man’s arguments that federal pornography laws, as applied to the “morphed image,” were not unconstitutional under the


Court rejects free speech arguments of a child pornography conviction for sending a “morphed” image, which had a minor’s face superimposed over that of the female. The Man argued that the image, as it did not actually involve children engaged in sex, was not pornography and was protected by the First Amendment. Court said government had a compelling interest in protecting children from these types of images.


Read the full post by Jeffrey Lapin on Lapin Law Offices Blog: Morphed Image: Protected or Porn? (

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Five settings every privacy-conscious iPhone owner should change

The iPhone is a useful tool to manage your work and play, but it isn’t perfect when it comes to privacy. There are a handful of settings that


Five settings every privacy-conscious iPhone owner should change:


1. Enable Find My iPhone
2. Disable Microphone Access
3. Disable Safari Autofill
4. Use Private Browsing
5. Disable Frequent Locations


By: Kelly Hodgkins via TUAW