Cyclospora Salad Lawsuits

By: Jeffrey Lapin of Lapin Law Offices

Olive Garden has been sued at least five times by people claiming they contracted cyclosporiasis after eating “tainted” salads that contained cyclospora. Cyclospora is a parasite that can cause intestinal infections, which is called cyclosporiasis. It can cause many of the same symptoms as other types of food poisoning, such as: watery diarrhea; frequent, sometimes explosive, bowel movements; loss of appetite; weight loss; stomach cramps/pain; bloating; increased gas; nausea; fatigue; vomiting; and other flu-like symptoms.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) traced the Nebraska and Iowa cyclospora outbreaks to a company in Mexico that provided salad mix to these Olive Gardens. These salad mixes account for over one-third of the number of cases reported. As of August 29, 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Infection (CDC) has been notified of 646 cases of cyclospora infections with 44 people being hospitalized as a result:

CDC Reported Cyclosporiasis Cases By State as of September 10, 2013

Four of the five lawsuits involve Olive Gardens in Nebraska or Iowa. The source of the cyclospora in other states has not yet been identified.
In the Nebraska lawsuits, assuming that the plaintiffs can prove their cases, they are entitled to be “compensated” for any injuries and damages they sustained as a result of contracting cyclosporiasis at the Olive Gardens. Compensation in cases like these can include, depending on a person’s injuries, money for: emotional distress; inconvenience; lost wages; medical expenses; mental suffering; and pain and suffering.

If you were infected by cyclospora after eating at an Olive Garden in Nebraska contact Lapin Law Offices to learn more about your rights and options. You can call 402-421-8033 or submit your case through our website Contact Us Form.

Read the full post on Lapin Law Offices’ website blog: Olive Garden Sued For Cyclospora In Salad

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