Thank You to the Lincoln Homeless Coalition

Lapin Law Offices would like to thank the Lincoln Homeless Coalition for invitin …


NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts for 2010: Pedestrians

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently issued a rep …

Facebook argues “lik

Facebook argues “likes” are free speech protected by the Constitution. Case could set major free speech precedent.

Good tips for protec

Good tips for protecting your online identity

2011 Consumer Complaint Survey Report Released

The Consumer Federation of America¬†(CFA), with assistance from the¬†North Ameri …

Medical debt collect

Medical debt collectors should be banned from all personal contact with a patient in all medical settings.

Good basic overview

Good basic overview and tips about public #WiFi . General rule: public WiFi is not safe enough for sensitive tasks. By Enrique Serrano and Geri L. Dreiling via LawyerTechReview