Cellphones don’t jus

Cellphones don’t just distract drivers; pedestrians get distracted as well causing an increase in accidents. What can be done, if anything, to protect pedestrians from themselves?



What should you do i

What should you do if you see someone texting and driving? Law enforcement suggests keeping your distance or, in the worst cases, call 911.


Are 10 minute daily

Are 10 minute daily naps a good idea? Research says they are.


Good info about upda

Good info about updating software. It is probably better to update after checking the web about the update.

D.C. funeral home ag

D.C. funeral home agrees to pay FTC & DOJ $25k for violating FTC Funeral Rule. Get more info about the Funeral Rule: http://htxt.it/jpJX

From PC World: Too B

From PC World: Too Busy for that Software Update? Survey Says: Join the Club

Useful suggestions f

Useful suggestions for protecting your identity using your phone. Just make sure you protect your phone!