‘Dating Naked’ cast member sues after crotch-blur fail

VH1 looked more like the Playboy Channel when they accidentally aired an uncensored crotch shot during an episode of the reality show “Dating Naked,” a star of the show claims in a new lawsuit. Jes…

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Legitimate lawsuit or publicity stunt?


Jessie Nizewitz, a "star" on VH1’s "Dating Naked" reality show, filed a $10 million lawsuit against the show and other entities for showing an uncensored crotch shot during an episode that aired on July 31. Ms. Nizewitz claims that she was repeatedly told that her private parts would be "blurred out." 


VH1’s website describes the show:

"These days we’re supposed to be more “connected” than ever, but it’s actually harder than ever to truly connect. Online dates, blind dates, and the latest in ridiculous dating apps all make it hard to see people for who they really are. 

A new social experiment provides daters with a radical dating experience where before they bare their souls they bare everything else first. Each week on a primitive island resort, far from the masks of modern society, daters will go on exotic dates and be naked every step of the way. 

We will follow along as two primitive daters each go on a total of three naked dates, including their first date with each other. At the end of this experience they’ll choose which of their naked dates they would like to continue dating back home. Clothing will of course be optional. 

Naked daters will bare their soul and a whole lot more in this groundbreaking dating experiment."


After the episode aired she received a lot of messages on social media about the "crotch shot." Also, she claims the show cost her a “budding relationship” with a man she had been seeing for a month. 


In an interview with the New York Post, Nizewitz said, "My grandma saw it. I saw her this week and she didn’t have much to say to me. She’s probably mad. My parents are just annoyed. … I think they owe me a huge apology." 


It is hard to believe that she could complain about being shown naked when the show itself is about naked dating. Another major problem with her lawsuit is an alleged statement from her on Cosmopolitan, "I’m extremely comfortable in my own skin. Honestly, being naked to me means absolutely nothing." (http://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/tv/g4213/all-the-butts-of-dating-naked-so-far/?slide=4).


This could all just be a publicity stunt because of the media attention she has drawn about her lawsuit and people trying to find the episode. 


Source: By Jamie Schram and Amber Sutherland / New York Post: ‘Dating Naked’ cast member sues after crotch-blur fail

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The Gyroscopes in Your Phone Could Let Apps Eavesdrop on Conversations | Threat Level | WIRED

In the age of surveillance paranoia, most smartphone users know better than to give a random app or website permission to use their device’s microphone. But researchers have found there’s another, little-considered sensor in modern phones that can also listen in on their conversations. And it doesn’t even need to ask. In a presentation at…

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New potential privacy concern with your smartphone: Phone gyroscopes might be able to allow apps to eavesdrop.
The gyroscope in phones, which are used to measure a phone’s orientation, are sensitive enough to pick up some sound waves, which turns them into a crude microphone.  Dan Boneh, a computer security professor at Stanford, summed the issue succinctly, "Whenever you grant anyone access to sensors on a device, you’re going to have unintended consequences."  New potential privacy concern with your smartphone: Phone gyroscopes might be able to allow apps to eavesdrop.  Essentially, the gyroscope in iOS and Android phones, which are used to measure a phone’s orientation, are sensitive enough to pick up some sound waves, which turns them into a crude microphone, according to researchers.  Dan Boneh, a computer security professor at Stanford, summed the issue succinctly, "Whenever you grant anyone access to sensors on a device, you’re going to have unintended consequences."  Both iOS and Android devices use gyroscopes that can pick up sound vibrations. However, iOS limits the reading of the gyroscopes to 100 hertz, which makes audio spying much more difficult. Android devices are more vulnerable as they allows apps to read the sensor’s data at twice that speed. Google is likely aware of this issue.  While it is believed that this using gyroscopes to eavesdrop has not been exploited yet, the potential is there. As speech recognition improves, these vulnerabilities become more of a threat.  Google could make Android less vulnerable by limiting the frequency like Apple does. Another possibility, which phones have or are implemented, is limiting the gyroscope frequency and even its use on a system-wide or app-by-app basis.  Article by: Andy Greenberg via Wired

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Your Self-Tracking Data Is At Risk

Use an activity-tracking device, such as a fitness tracking band, or application? Users should be very cautious due to serious security issues as your data may not be safe. These tracking devices and applications contain a lot of personal, private information. According to Symantec, in a Report

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Your Self-Tracking Data Is At Risk


Are you a part of the Quantified Self Movement, which is using technology to measure your activities to improve yourself?  According to Report from Symantec, users of tracking devices and applications need to be very concerned about security with these devices and applications. Symantec found major security issues with many devices and apps.


Blog post by Jeffrey Lapin of Lapin Law Offices


Read the full post: Your Self-Tracking Data Is At Risk (http://lapinlawoffices.com/lapin-law-offices-blog/your-self-tracking-data-is-at-risk)

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Driver who killed teen posts his totaled car online with smiley face

A 16-year-old Brooklyn Center boy clung to life for days before dying after a suspected drunken driver, without a valid license, fled one crash on a north-metro highway and ran into the teen’s car down the road moments later, authorities said

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Minnesota man, after causing a fatal crash, makes horrible posts on Facebook.


The man, who was on probation, was allegedly drunk and driving on revoked license, gets into one crash, and while fleeing that one, causes another one with a vehicle driven by a 16-year-old driver. The boy died a couple of days the crash.


After the crashes, but before the boy died, the man posts photos of what was left of his vehicle with these messages:


"That’s her front end after I got done with her lol.” He signed that message with a smiley face.


“I’m all good slept a day in the hospital then came home and did yard work lol."


The man admitted to posting the images and comments, which have since been deleted.


This man’s level of callousness is atrocious. Besides allegedly driving while intoxicated and a revoked license, his Facebook posts make it seem very likely he is going to get any sympathy from the police, prosecutor or jury, if the case goes to trial, or sentencing judge.


Source: Paul Walsh via Star Tribune

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Kendall Jenner Slammed For Instagramming While Driving

The second-youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner brood is getting serious flack for a video she posted on social media earlier this week. A recent video posted to Kendall Jenner’s Instagram depicted Ms. Jenner and fellow model, Ashley Skye, rocking out to Avril Lavigne’s “sk8er boi” in the car, Fox News reports. In the video — which has since been taken…

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Celebrity driving "uber" dangerously


Kendall Jenner posted an Instagram video that showed her and friend getting down to Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er boy” while cruising through heavy traffic in L.A. Her tweet about the video said, "being uber girly." 


Maybe it should have read, "being uber dangerous." 


The Instagram video has been removed, presumably by Kenner. However, it is available other places. 


This is yet another example why we should not look to celebrities as role models, especially "reality stars." 


Source: Jordyn Taylor via BetaBeat

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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Agreed to via Terms of Service

We know you didn’t read the terms of service. Here are the most interesting parts you missed.

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10 things you did not know you agreed to via Terms of Service on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. 



1. Facebook has permission to use your photos and videos for whatever it wants. 

2. You can’t use Facebook if you’re a convicted sex offender. 

3. You’re required to keep your contact information up to date. 


4. How you explore Twitter, and how you got there 

5. You’re not allowed to squat on a username. 


6. You’re not allowed to post sexually suggestive content. 

7. You’re not supposed to send ideas to Instagram, but if the company actually reads them and likes them, it’ll use them. 


8. You can’t add anyone you don’t actually know. 

9. Your profile can’t promote escort or prostitution services — even if they’re legal where you live. 

10. You’re not allowed to lie. 


Some of these seem like common sense but, unless you actually read the TOS, which you should but probably have not, you do not know what you have agreed to when using these sites. These types of things are not just limited to these sites.


Any other "odd" things you know of? 


My advice: Read the Terms of Service of any site you use. 


Post by Sylvan Lane via Mashable

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Morphed Image: Protected or Porn?

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a conviction based on “morphing” an image to include a minor’s face as depicting child pornography. The appeals court rejected the man’s arguments that federal pornography laws, as applied to the “morphed image,” were not unconstitutional under the

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Court rejects free speech arguments of a child pornography conviction for sending a “morphed” image, which had a minor’s face superimposed over that of the female. The Man argued that the image, as it did not actually involve children engaged in sex, was not pornography and was protected by the First Amendment. Court said government had a compelling interest in protecting children from these types of images.


Read the full post by Jeffrey Lapin on Lapin Law Offices Blog: Morphed Image: Protected or Porn? (http://lapinlawoffices.com/lapin-law-offices-blog/morphed-image-protected-or-porn)

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